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Yorke Studies Volume 2

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Both volumes include a glossary of terms, scales, arpeggios and orchestral excerpts.


  • Daisie's Dumpe
  • A-hunting We Wil Go
  • Gavotte and Musette
  • Orchestral Excerpt: Symphony No.5
  • Orchestral Study: Symphony No. 2
  • Orchestral Study: Symphony No. 6
  • To The Night
  • To the Night
  • Orchestral Excerpt: Dream of A Witches' Sabbath
  • Orchestral Excerpt: Witches' Round Dance
  • Floril√®ge Musical No. 6
  • Five Short Studies
  • Mock Baroque
  • Campdown Races
  • The People that Walked in Darkness
  • Exercise for Tone, in Fifths
  • A Little Legato
  • Study in Ab
  • Arpeggio Study in C
  • Chiarina
  • Chiarina
  • Discovering Harmonics
  • Left Hand Study on the A string
  • More Adventures with Harmonics
  • Scale Study in C
  • Scherzo-Polka
  • Scherzo-Polka
  • Storm on the E string
  • Strengthen your Fingers!
  • Strolling Along
  • Strolling Along!
  • Work for the Fingers
  • Orchestral Excerpt: Overture to Ruy Blas
  • A Little Study in C# minor
  • A minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
  • Agility Study in F
  • All in the Second Position
  • Bowing Exercises in C minor
  • C major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
  • C minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
  • C# minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
  • D major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
  • D minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercise
  • D# minor and Eb minor Arpeggio and Bowing Exercise
  • Db major Arpeggios and Bowing Exercises
  • Eb major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises
  • Exercise in B minor
  • Exercise in C
  • Exercise in G
  • Leaping Octaves and Crossing Fourths
  • Mini Melody
  • Octaves and Sharps
  • Off We Go!
  • Slurring and Crossing in E major
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Study in E minor
  • A Little Melody
  • A Little Melody
  • Orchestral Excerpt: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Rondo)
  • Orchestral Excerpt: Overture The Marriage of Figar
  • Andante
  • Barcarolle
  • Cantilena
  • Drinking Song
  • Prelude
  • Scherzo
  • Scherzo and Trio
  • Childrens' Song
  • Bb major Arpeggio and Bowing Exercises D string
  • Thirds in Eb major
  • Upside Down
  • Orchestral Excerpt: Overture the Bartered Bride
  • Charlie is my Darling
  • Charlie is my Darling
  • Come Lasses and Lads
  • Comin' Thro' the Rye
  • Early One Morning
  • Fieldmarshal Blucher
  • German Folk Melody
  • Germn Folk Melody
  • High Germany
  • Johne Devisonn's Pint of Win
  • Ladie Rothemayis Lilt
  • Old French Song
  • Old King Cole
  • Old King Cole
  • Sei Cara
  • Sleep, My Dear Child
  • The Camp of the Palace
  • The Fox Jumped over the Parson's Gate
  • The Girl I left Behind
  • The Keiking Glasse
  • The Lincolnshire Poacher
  • The Miller of Dee
  • The Mountain Ash
  • Six Pieces
  • Flat Hunting!
  • Slurs and Staccatos
  • Study for Slurring
  • Study in Eb
  • Study in F# major
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Price £9.95
Composers Anonymous
Thomas Arne
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven
Hector Berlioz
Marc Berthomieu
Ida Carroll
Walter Carroll
Da Capo
George Frideric Handel
W Hause
I H Kupfer
Gustav Laska
Felix Mendelssohn
T Michaelis
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A Scelba
Robert Schumann
Rodney Slatford
Bedrich Smetana
David Tutt
James Waud
Material Traditional
ArrangersGustav Laska
Rodney Slatford
P Stevens
CategoryDouble Bass Studies
PublisherYorke Edition
Difficulty level3 - 6
ISMN 979-0-57059-086-5
EAN-13 9790570590865
Weight 214 grams
Published 19th August 2000
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