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With Strings Attached-Diary of an Amateur Musician

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48 page A5 humorous book in the Sunshine tradition.


  • April: Ringing the changes
  • August: States of the art
  • December: Bowing and scraping
  • Epilogue: Calling it a day
  • February: Party lines
  • January: Playing along
  • July: Technical Hitches
  • June: French connections
  • March: Country airs
  • May: Fine tuning
  • November: Marking time
  • October: Light entertainment
  • Prologue: An open book
  • September: Imperfect pitch
Cat No. SUN200A
Price £4.95
AuthorPeter Akehurst
CategoryCartoon Books
PublisherSunshine Music Company
Weight 92 grams
Published 7th December 2003
Availability 355 in stock


Like the author's previous three books, this one includes not only knowing smiles, but outright laughter.

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