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Fine Day? and Skerry Selkie for solo Double Bass

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Fine Day? is a work for unaccompanied double bass that portrays a conversation between two Hirta wifies, perhaps meeting by chance while going about their daily lives. The first lady is older, calm, and serene - she's seen it all before and expects to see nothing new. In bar 9, a younger lady appears - much more animated and excited, and bursting with gossip.

The characters converse, with a double bar, and often a tempo change, indicating the change of speaker. While the younger lady becomes very animated (and slightly frustrated) trying to ply her elder with today's juiciest gossip, the older lady remains calm and serene, apparently showing little interest, until the final bars, where, after her neighbour has walked away, she smiles, and we see that she was listening, after all...

Skerry Selkie: "Skerry" is an old Norse word for a small rocky island in the sea. Most Skerries are populated only by birds and seals. "Selkie" is a local dialect word used right along the north coast of Scotland to describe seals. It also refers to a creature of Norse myth which could transform from seal to human form at will.

Selkies, like mermaids, would mischievously enchant sailors with their beautiful singing...


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Cat No. SP929
Price £4.95
ComposerKatrina Gordon
CategoryDouble Bass Studies
PublisherSpartan Press
Difficulty level6
ISMN 979-0-57999-929-4
EAN-13 9790579999294
Weight 60 grams
Published 30th April 2009
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...there is much here to explore and enjoy...More challenging than the first piece, Skerry Selkie would suit a grade 7/8 (UK) bassist and is written in bass clef throughout. It merrily dances along with much rhythmic interest and energy, and would be effective and successful in performance.

David Heyes for AUSTA