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Flutes of the Forest + CD

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Flutes of the Forest is a series of seven themed compositions for intermediate students. The pieces, for flute and piano, are also
atmospherically arranged with CD accompaniment as an alternative, capturing the character of the trees within the music.
Each composition has a complete performance with the flute and accompaniment and then
a version with accompaniment only.


  • Falling Apple Blossom
  • Holly
  • The Alder and the Dove
  • The Birch and the Dormouse
  • The Chamber in the Oak
  • The Swaying Hazel
  • Yew

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Cat No. SP895
Price £13.50
ComposerDiana Sanders
CategoriesFlute Solo
Flute + CD
PublisherSpartan Press
ISMN 979-0-57999-895-2
EAN-13 9790579998952
Weight 142 grams
Published 7th March 2009
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