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The Hunt (La Caccia)

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Flexible scoring

Telemann's La Caccia (The Hunt) is taken from his concerto for violin in F major.It depicts a scene that, in his lifetime, was a popular subject for artists and composers. Hunting, whether of the deer, the fox or the wild boar was, throughout Europe, regarded as an activity both necessary - ridding the country-side of annoying wild animals and acquiring game for food, and fashionable - an opportunity for the gentry to exhibit their horses, rich clothing and servants, and to indulge in danger, daring and disturbance through the fields and forests.

This musical picture of a hunt starts at dawn (misty, peaceful, dew-laden) the sun gradually rises, a church-bell is heard and the birds start twittering. And then the hunt is up, a hunting-horn starts it off, and we hear the galloping horses, the speed, excitement and noise, the horn sounding from right and left, and then bringing the hunt - and the piece - to a close.

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Cat No. SP720
Price £14.95
ComposerGeorg Philipp Telemann
ArrangerCaroline Franklyn
CategoriesFlexible Wind Ensemble
Woodwind Quartet
PublisherSpartan Press
Difficulty level4 - 6
InstrumentationPart-1:fl,cl Part-2:fl/ob,cl/ss Part-3:cl,as Part-4:bn,ts,bc
ISMN 979-0-57999-720-7
EAN-13 9790579997207
Weight 194 grams
Published 2nd December 2004
Availability 183 in stock


...It's exciting and not too demanding, meaning that players have something to get their teeth into which will give them real results, and confidence to progress.

Catherine Manson for Music Teacher Magazine