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So You Want To Play In Shows? Flt/Clar/Sax doubling.

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The music in this book has been composed as a direct result of an increasing demand from players interested in breaking into the world of show playing. The skill of the multi-instrumentalist has long been a given for theatre orchestrators and indeed the parts in recent years have become steadily more complicated.

Teaching posts now frequently require applicants to play 'woodwind' and should a career be considered in anything other than orchestral playing, then the ability to play more than one instrument is invaluable.

In my own case, after I left Music College, I rapidly found that playing one instrument was simply not enough. At the time of writing, Music Colleges have now started to recognise that the 'multi- instrumentalist' is now a specialist area of study and in some cases, they are developing courses in woodwind doubling.

These pieces are designed to be practiced and performed whilst sitting down. This emulates the environment of a pit player with the instruments required, (Flute, Clarinet and Alto Sax), ready on stands in front of you, exactly as a recording studio or theatre pit.

Quick instrument changes and varying styles provide you with an insight into the world of a multi-instrumentalist. Your aim is to always 'make the change' cleanly and on time.

Live recordings of the piano parts, expertly played by Torquil Munro, are available to download free of charge. From the links on the right hand side of this website page, (in the 'Samples available box) 'right click' on each link and 'Save link to...', or 'Save file as...' (wording may vary).

Good luck and enjoy!

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  • 1. Acid
  • 2. Charlwood
  • 3. How Cool Can You Be
  • 4. To Rio
  • 5. Matinee Idol
  • 6. Treading the Bored
  • 7. Tried and Dried
Cat No. SP1296
Price £14.95
ComposerPaul Saunders
Backing tracksTorquil Munro
Clarinet Solo
Saxophone Solo
Flute Solo
PublisherSpartan Press
ISMN 979-0-57998-296-8
EAN-13 9790579982968
Weight 224 grams
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This book is as a very useful tool. The pieces should be practiced sitting, with all the necessary instruments (flute, clarinet and alto saxophone) within reach so you can quickly change instrument, just as it would be so in the orchestra pit.

Arjanne Donswijk-Bruggeman - Nederlands Fluit Genootshap

...This is an extremely useful book and also suggests some potential future projects that could further explore the styles and combinations that crop up...As a first of its kind it is an excellent start and will hopefully inspire more players to look beyond their first instrument and explore other possibilities.

Stephanie Reeve for CASS Magazine