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Know the Score: Flute

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This long awaited book, written by a seasoned performer, teacher and examiner, aims to widen the prospects for success in the important but troublesome 'Quick Study' of the diploma examination.

15 freshly composed pieces to prepare you for the DipABRSM Quick Study
Concise guides to help you tackle new pieces at speed. A useful self-help tool, as well as for teaching. There are no trade secrets in this book, just good, solid advice and plenty of practice pieces to cut your teeth on. Examiners work with their eyes and ears open, measuring the quality of candidates' performances alongside the score in front of them. They are hoping to hear confident, fluent (but not necessarily note perfect) performances, which demonstrate a reasonably consistent awareness of the style and character in the music. Although the Quick Study might in some ways be a logical extension of the sight-reading test, there are several key differences, both as regards the minimum standard of performance and underlying complexity/length of the musical text. Retaking the Quick Study is a thoroughly dispiriting experience, so why go into the exam room unprepared?

Get to grips with this book and your diligence will repay you.


  • A Celtic Jamboree
  • A polish three-step
  • Bolero and Sarabanda
  • Doo-Dit
  • Fanfare at the Funfair
  • Kiting
  • Metal Fatigue Waltz
  • Quicksilver
  • Reggar rag
  • Seven Bells
  • Sly old fox
  • Tadpoles
  • The charmed snake
  • The Damselfly
  • The Scared Scarecrow

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Cat No. SP1178
Price £7.95
ComposerMark Tanner
CategoryFlute Studies
PublisherSpartan Press
Difficulty levelAdvanced
ISMN 979-0-57998-178-7
EAN-13 9790579981787
Weight 116 grams
Published 20th August 2012
Availability 29 in stock
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This book, Know the Score, goes right to the top of the pile of best publications in my book!...Reading the 5 page foreword was like having a wonderful lesson with Mark Tanner who obviously knows what he is talking about...If you are thinking of taking the DipABRSM then this book is a must have, but even if you are not taking this exam and are a really dedicated musician, it will really help you with your playing and tackle new pieces at speed.