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Postcards for Posta

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The Frantisek Posta Heritage Series series

Frantisek Posta (1919-1991) was Principal Double Bass of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra for more than 40 years and was the leading Czech bassist of his generation. He was much admired and revered around the world and commissioned and transcribed many works for double bass.

'Postcards for Posta' is a suite of six one-minute pieces for unaccompanied double bass composed for 'POSTA 100' in memory of Frantisek Posta (1919-1991). Each is dedicated to a different musical friend in the international double bass community.

POSTA 100 is a project to commission 100 one-minute pieces for solo double bass to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the Czech double bass virtuoso and teacher, Frantisek Posta, one of the leading Czech bassists of his generation.

1. WALKS BY MOONLIGHT (Dedicated to Karol Cieśluk)
'Walks by Moonlight' is slow and sonorous and reflects the relaxed and easy going pace of life late at night. Prague is beautiful at any time of the day or night, but is even more magical and evocative by moonlight. Whether walking across the Charles Bridge or by the river Vltava, the city offers much to the visitor when there is time to see and 'feel' the spirit and majesty of this great city. The music is slow and gentle, with a repeated rhythmic motif which acts as a unifying figure. Mainly played in bass clef, apart from the middle phrase which ventures higher, with its waltz-like lilt, the simple and evocative phrases allow time to think, to experience and to enjoy.

PREMIERE: Tuesday 26 September 2017 at Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze, Austin (TX, USA) by P Kellach Waddle (double bass) / UK PREMIERE: St Mary's Church, West Harptree, Somerset on Saturday 1 October 2017 by David Heyes (double bass)

2. CROWDED PLACES (Dedicated to Dritan Gani)
'Crowded Places' is fast and furious and describes the amazing number of tourists who visit Europe's most beautiful city each year. The hustle and bustle of visitors to the Old Town Square provided the inspiration for a short energetic work which rarely loses pace or momentum. A recurring rhythmic motif provides a unifying figure with the restless and enthusiastic tourists taking in the sites and sounds of glorious Prague.

PREMIERE: St Mary's Church, West Harptree, Somerset on Saturday 1 October 2017 by David Heyes (double bass)

3. SHADOWS & SILOUETTES (Dedicated to Elsen Price)
'Shadows & Silhouettes' is built on three letters from Elsen Price's name [C,E,E flat] with Frantisek Posta's name in bar 9 [F,A,E,E flat] and is a description and feeling of the dark and mysterious corners of old Prague. The many cobbled streets and hidden squares exude the magical history of the city and its inhabitants, of legend and folklore, ghosts and spirits. The music is episodic, atmospheric and evocative exploring the myriad colours of the solo double bass and lasts around one minute in duration.

PREMIERE: St Mary's Church, West Harptree, Somerset on Saturday 1 October 2017 by David Heyes (double bass)

No.4 A CANDLE BURNS - Remembering Jan Palach (1948-1969) - Dedicated to Frank Proto
Jan Palach (11 August 1948 – 19 January 1969 was a Czech student of history and political economy at Charles University in Prague. His self-immolation was a political protest against the end of the Prague Spring resulting from the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia. The unofficial memorial in Wenceslas Square always attracted many tourists in Prague and was always surrounded by flowers and lighted candles. The memorial made a lasting impression on the composer, who has visited Prague from 1986 to the present day, and he always intended to commemorate Jan Palach in some way and 'Postcards for Posta' (Posta100) seemed the opportune time. The music is simple and descriptive, 23 bars in length. and was composed whilst driving through Cumbria. It was completed on Thursday 28 September 2017 and premiered the following day. The piece is free and rhapsodic, minor keys predominating, and with the doleful interval of a falling 2nd or minor 2nd a feature of the melodic material. The effects of sul ponticello and col legno interrupt the musical flow, adding colour, and the music gradually dies away leaving the piece without a conclusion.

PREMIERE: Friday 29 September 2017 at Cathcart Baptist Church, Glasgow by David Heyes (double bass)

No.5 - LESSONS FOR LIFE (Dedicated to Lise Proto)
'Lessons for Life' was composed on Wednesday 18 October 2017, revised the following day and premiered by the composer a day later. The memories of lessons with Frantisek Posta in the late 1980s were the basis of the piece, with repetitions of the opening theme alongside motifs of a more contrasting and more reflective nature. The themes are bold and strong, using the letters from Professor Posta's name (F,A,E.E flat) as the basis of the music throughout, and has a direct and confident musical style to remember an exceptional Czech virtuoso double bassist and teacher.

PREMIERE: Templecombe Hall (Somerset) on Friday 20 October 2017 by David Heyes (double bass)

No.6 PRAGUE (Dedicated to Bert Turetzky)
'Prague'was composed on Wednesday 18 April 2018 and revised the following morning. It should flow and have a natural momentum and narrative, never more or less than mf or mp - the player can decide - and my idea is that the music flows onwards, much as the Vltava flows through the centre of Prague. Whatever the changes and modernisations, the beauty and grandeur of this historic city remain and I hope the lyricism of the piece reflects the 'singing double bass' of Frantisek Posta and is a tribute to an amazing musician who is loved and respected around the world.

PREMIERE: Quilter Hall (Wells Cathedral School, Somerset) on 27 April 2018 by Eloine Vatteville (double bass)

David Heyes studied double bass with Laurence Gray and Bronwen Naish and later at the Royal College of Music in London. He completed his post-graduate studies in Prague with Frantisek Posta (Principal Double Bass, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra). He has given recitals and masterclasses in 13 countries over the past few years and has been a juror at a number of international competitions, twice as chairman.

David has been Specialist Double Bass Tutor at Wells Cathedral School for 19 years and received a prestigious award from the David Walter Charitable Trust of New York for his pioneering activities as a soloist, teacher, publisher and commissioner of new music for double bass. He works with composers throughout the world and is particularly interested to expand the double bass repertoire, by commissioning new works and by rediscovering forgotten ones. Over the past 30 years he has commissioned more than 500 works, from beginner to virtuoso, and from one to twenty basses.

David has transcribed more than 200 works for double bass, many published by Recital Music, and in recent years has also composed a number of original works for double bass which have been performed in Britain, America, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Mexico and Czech Republic. David is self-taught as a composer and his music has been described as lyrical and accessible, but certainly of the 21st-century.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7ituqPaQNo


  • 1. Walks by Moonlight
  • 2. Crowded Places
  • 3. Shadows & Silhouettes
  • 4. A Candle Burns
  • 5. Lessons for Life
  • 6. Prague

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