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Nocturne No. 1

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Originally for violin, this beautiful Nocturne is ideal for the progressing young bassist or cellist.

19th-century German composer-pianist J.F. Burgmuller (1806-1874) lived most of his life in Paris and writes in a lyrical and romantic style, typical of the age. The edition remains in bass clef throughout and offers effective musical and technical challenges. This is beautiful and evocative music where the bassist can display more than simply technical prowess

Nocturne No.1 has been very popular with intermediate bassists who are not quite ready to play in thumb position yet, but have a good knowledge of the positions up to harmonic G (one octave above the open string). The double bass part is for SOLO TUNING only.

Johann Friedrich Burgmuller was born in Regensburg (Germany) on 4 December 1806. In 1829 he moved to Kassel to study with Ludwig Spohr and Moritz Hauptmann and his first solo concert in the town was in 1830. He moved to Paris two years later and he wrote many pieces of salon music for the piano, published several albums and composes piano études intended for children. The three Nocturnes were originally for cello and guitar, also arranged with piano accompaniment, and later transcribed for violin and piano.

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Cat No. RM800
Supplier Code RM800
Price £6.50
ComposerJohann Friedrich Burgmüller
ArrangerDavid H
CategoriesDouble Bass & Guitar
Cello & Guitar
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level6 - 7
ISMN 979-0-57045-800-4
EAN-13 9790570458004
Weight 100 grams
Published 8th March 2017
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