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Sagas & Legends

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Tony Osborne writes: "Sagas & Legends marks the 50th anniversary of the death of one of the 20th-century's giants, Jean Sibelius. In a long and celebrated career Sibelius composed some of the finest and most memorable music, not only of his own time, but which has stayed at the height of popularity and artistic integrity. In his symphonies and tone poems Sibelius portrays the drama of the vast Finnish landscapes and coastlines, the rich folk culture, and many stories and legends.

Sagas & Legends is both elegiac and heroic, and opens with a slow and lugubrious minor theme that sets the mood and pace for the breathtaking environment in which Sibelius lived and worked. It moves through a warmer and more sentimental passage into a powerful fanfare-like statement. All of this is restated in the major, reflecting a more heroic outlook. This leads to a quieter and more mysterious section that quotes a running motif in his 2nd Symphony that flows through each part and is also stated tremolando, with the fourth part remaining pizzicato.

There follows a curious passage that seems to bear little resemblance to any other, yet seems to fit in with Sibelius's lack of inhibition in expressing himself to the full, and leads to a string and solemn sequence of chords, heralding the return of the opening theme and the more insistent heroism of the fanfare motif to bring the piece to a string conclusion."

Sagas & Legends was premiered at Ritchie Hall (Wells Cathedral School, Somerset UK) on 22 May 2011 by Katrien Bos, Eloise Riddell, David Heyes and James Browning.

Sagas & Legends also exists in an edition for string orchestra. [RMS108]

Tony Osborne is an important educationalist and prolific composer who has made a significant and unique contribution to the double bass repertoire over the past 35 years. His solo music for young bassists is included by many international examination boards, and his many ensembles pieces are performed at workshops and concerts throughout the world. Tony Osborne notes the influences of Gershwin, Copland and Bernstein, alongside some of the Russian masters, on his music, which he combines with a jazzy, rhythmic and energetic style that has been popular with players and audiences worldwide.

Born in 1947 into a musical family, Tony Osborne studied at the Royal Academy of Music (London) with John Walton (double bass) and Richard Stoker (composition), and divides a busy career between composing, teaching and performing. A very prolific composer and arranger, Tony's original compositions include works in almost every genre, notably Chaconne Syncopations and Wainwright's Ways for brass quintet, Celebration Fanfare for brass ensemble, the musical A Fine Time for Wine, a beautiful and dramatic Requiem and many works for string orchestra.

In 2001 Tony Osborne was elected an ARAM (Associate of the Royal Academy of Music) for his pioneering and important work for double bass, and has been a featured composer at Bass-Fest for the past decade. He was a very successful BIBF Composer-in-residence in 2002-3 and wrote a number of impressive and innovative works for the project. He has been a judge for the British Composer Awards over the past few years and has been a judge for the BIBF Composition Competition since 1999. Recital Music held a concert of Tony Osborne's music in 2012, to celebrate the composer's 65th birthday, and has formulated a 10-year project to publish all his works for double bass.

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Cat No. RM752
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Price £12.00
ComposerTony Osborne
CategoryDouble Bass Quartet
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level7 - 8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-752-6
EAN-13 9790570457526
Weight 130 grams
Published 18th September 2014
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