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Sally's Ballade

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Sally's Ballade was composed for the young English bassist Sally McDowall, after the composer heard her perform his 'Miniature' for double bass and piano at Bass-Fest 2013.

In one extended movement and based on the letter's of Sally's name, the bassist is able to explore a wide range of colours and timbres, primarily in the orchestral register using a range of techniques such as tremolando, left hand pizzicato, harmonics and double stops. The player does venture into treble clef occasionally, but overall the piece is ideal for the good intermediate bassist. Teppo Hauta-aho's music is obviously inspired by his great and unique knowledge of the possibilities of the double bass and also by the amazing landscapes and heritage of his native country, Finland. The large and expansive open spaces are reflected in the piece and the player is expected to explore more than simply the technique to play the piece.

Sally's Ballade is a wonderful one-movement miniature which tests the musicality and musicianship of the bassist as much as the technique and there is much here to enjoy for performer and audience alike.

Sally's Ballade was premiered by Sally McDowall at the International Festival of Arts and Music, in Newcastle on 25 March 2014.

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Cat No. RM743
Supplier Code RM743
Price £6.50
ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-743-4
EAN-13 9790570457434
Weight 89 grams
Published 1st August 2014
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