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Concert Solo (Air in C)

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The history of the double bass features many player-composers who created a wealth of music for bassists of all abilities. Recital Music publish a wide and eclectic range of music by these important figures from the history of the instrument, particularly from the 19th and early 20th-centuries, and more works are in preparation. Some names are well known today, others almost forgotten, but each made a valuable contribution to the repertoire of the double bass and helped create a unqiue repertoire which deserves to be performed.

Concert Solo (Air in C) for double bass and piano has long been out of print. It is a charming and accessible solo for the intermediate bassist, framed as an introduction, theme and variations, and makes effective use of the orchestral register. The music has a simple and honest charm which should enthuse bassists and entertain audiences.

Alexander Campbell Rowland was born in Trinidad on New Year's Day 1826. His father was a bandmaster, then stationed in the country, and the family returned to England in 1828, moving to London in the early 1830s. He began to study the violin at the age of five and played many instruments before taking up the double bass in 1846, studying with Signor Casolani.

Rowland played in many London orchestra and was Principal Bass of Her Majesty's Theatre after 1850 and two years later appeared by Royal Command before Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as a solo double bassist.

In 1854 Rowland relocated to Southampton and quickly became one of the most active and prominent performers, conductors and teachers in the city, whilst still performing in London and at many major music festivals around the country. A.C. Rowland died on 20 July 1896 at the age of 70 years.

Rowland was a fairly prolific composer and wrote a number of works for double bass.

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Cat No. RM703
Supplier Code RM703
Price £7.50
ComposerA.C. Rowland
EditorDavid Heyes
CategoryDouble Bass & Piano
PublisherRecital Music
SeriesHeritage Series
Difficulty level6 - 7
ISMN 979-0-57045-703-8
EAN-13 9790570457038
Weight 99 grams
Published 4th March 2014
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