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Miniatures is a book of four exquisite, evocative and beautifully written works for unaccompanied double bass. Each combines a wealth of musical and technical challenges, exploring a range of colours and textures throughout the solo tessitura of the double bass.

1. Vor dem Abend (Before Evening)has a free rhapsodic feel, interspersed with lyrical and cantabile episodes, and offers much to the adventurous advanced solo bassist. There are many technical challenges, but which are always worth the effort, and this is successful in performance and certainly does not outstay its welcome.

2. Zur den ersten Bluten (The first flowers) explores a number of playing techniques to create texture and effect. Lyricism is always to the fore, and the musical and technical challenges offer repertoire which is useful as a recital work or also as study repertoire. Much can be gained from studying these short and accessible miniatures.

3. Der Regen am Morgen (Rain in the Morning) is simple and straightforward, but with a serious musical intent and message. It begins and ends gently, with ethereal and ringing harmonics contrasting a more lively and energetic middle section which is full of running and repeated semiquavers.

4. Fantasie in E minor (dedicated to Ludwig Streicher) is a beautiful and lyrical rhapsody and dedicated to the great Austrian virtuoso Ludwig Streicher. There is drama and pathos, lyricism and energy, and everything needed for a successful performance work. Only one page in length, this is a work of great quality and beauty and deserves a place in the solo repertoire.

Dario Cebic was born in Zagreb (Croatia) and learned piano and violin from an early age before transferring to double bass and also studying piano, music theory and composition. He attended Elementary and Secondary school of Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb, after which he started higher education in piano, double bass, composition, musical science, music culture, music theory, music pedagogy, conducting and musicology. He was awarded several master degrees between 2004-2007.

In 2007 he started his doctoral studies in music science. He studied composition with Prof. Michael Obst at Universität für Musik and darstellende Kunst in Vienna and attended specialisation with Karlheinz Stockhausen. In 2012 he finished his doctoral studies (dr. phil) at Universität für Musik and darstellende Kunst in Graz and postgraduale study in composition at Universität für Musik and darstellende Kunst in Vienna.

Dario Cebic has won many prizes and awards (1st Prize - International Composition Competition in Vienna / 2nd Prize - International Composition Competition in Greece / 2nd Prize - Composition Competition in Zagreb, Croatian Cultural Association / 2nd Prize - International Composition Competition in Greece 2013 for his Sextett for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, vibes and piano / incentive of Croatian Minstry of Culture for his Symphony for large Orchestra / special awards in New York, Greece, France, Croatia and Austria). In 2010 he received the town award for development and improvement of music art. In 2011, 2013 and 2014, he obtained recognition from the Croatian Association of Music and Dance Teachers. (Biography supplied by the composer)


  • 1. Vor dem Abend (Before Evening)
  • 2. Zur den ersten Bluten (The first flowers)
  • 3. Der Regen am Morgen (Rain in the Morning)
  • 4. Fantasie in E minor (dedicated to Ludwig Streicher)

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Cat No. RM698
Supplier Code RM698
Price £7.50
ComposerDario Cebic
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-698-7
EAN-13 9790570456987
Weight 99 grams
Published 4th March 2014
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