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Advanced Daily Exercises for Double Bass

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Advanced Daily Exercises for Double Bass follows on from the success of Daily Exercises [RM158], first published in 2002 and one of Recital Music's best-sellers, and takes the progressing bassist into the higher register of the instrument. Care should be taken not to put too much strain on the left hand and, much like an athlete, technique and strength should be gained gradually - DO NOT work through the pain barrier! A little and often is a good maxim.

Players should use these exercises as the staring point of their journey into the solo register of the double bass and a range of dynamics and bow strokes should be introduced to vary the challenges and skills being developed. Play at the heel, in the middle and at the tip of the bow, also utilising bow placement on the string at various points between the end of the fingerboard and the bridge to explore a wealth of dynamics and tonal skills. Scales and studies should also be used to vary the technical work being studied at any one time alongside a wide range of solo repertoire.

Bowing and rhythmic variations have been suggested but players should feel confident to devise others to develop a strong and confident technique in the solo register of the double bass. Bassists can study the exercises in any order to suit themselves and should work slowly and consistently through each developing skills to enhance their solo playing.

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  • 1. Scale Patterns
  • 2. Chromatic Hand Shape
  • 3. Chromatic Hand Shape in Lower Positions
  • 4. Semi-Chromatic Hand Shape
  • 5. Diatonic Hand Shape
  • 6. Different Hand Shapes
  • 7. Running Thirds
  • 8. Chromatic & Semi-Chromatic Hand Shapes
  • 9. Scale Patterns in Thumb Position
  • 10. One Octave Scales in Thumb Position
  • 11. Scales & Arpeggios in One Position
  • 12. More Scale Patterns

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ComposerDavid Heyes
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PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level8, Advanced
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Published 17th September 2013
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