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Bernard Salles a wonderfully talented French composer-bassist-conductor who has composed and transcribed a wealth of music for double bass. His Sonata for unaccompanied double bass was completed in 2012 and will be premiered at Bass-Fest 2013 on 3 August 2013 by Dan Styffe.

In three contrasting movements, the Sonata is accessible, inventive, full of musical excellence and ideas, and has much to commend it to advanced bassists everywhere. There are musical and technical challenges in equal measure and it is both performer and audience friendly. Lasting around 9 minutes, the Sonata doesn't outstay its welcome and will easily fit into any recital programme.

"...a virtuosic and exciting work." [Rob Nairn, ISB Journal]

Bernard Salles was born in 1954 and began his musical education in his home town of Perpignan (France) where he studied double bass, organ, composition and orchestral conducting at the Conservatoire. In 1973 he want to the Conservatoire of Versailles and in 1976, at the age of 22, he was awarded a double bass teaching diploma. Since then he has taught at the Conservatoire of Pau (South-west France) and played with many major French orchestras including the Orchestre de Paris and the National Orchestra of France, under the direction of conductors such as Daniel Barenboim, Pierre Boulez, Zubin Metha and Lorin Maazel.

In 1983 he began a parallel career as a conductor and was Music Director of the Orchestra of Pau from 1996-2001. He has directed the Orchestra of Pamplona (Spain) and is currently Music Director of the OSSO (Orchestre Symphonique du Sud-Ouest).

As a composer and member of SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Editors of Music), he has written over 30 works including two symphonies, a cantata, a psalm for bass and orchestra, a concerto for double bass and small orchestra, Rhapsody for viola and orchestra, Triptych for orchestra, Prelude for cello and orchestra, a symphonic poem for soprano, cello and orchestra, as well as works for chamber groups, and for choir and organ. His pedagogic works are published by G.Billaudot in Paris and his works for double bass are published by Recital Music (England).

In 2010 he began a series of short pieces for unaccompanied double bass - Portraits for Friends - dedicated to his double bass playing friends.


  • Allegro
  • Lento
  • Presto

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Cat No. RM566
Supplier Code RM566
Price £8.50
ComposerBernard Salles
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-566-9
EAN-13 9790570455669
Weight 100 grams
Published 17th April 2013
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