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3 Waltzes for Robin

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3 Waltzes for Robin was composed in 2008 (revised in 2009) for the young English bassist, Robin Stallard, who had previously enjoyed studying and performing several works by Teppo Hauta-aho. Each waltz explores various simple and accessible challenges within the lower orchestral register, and the musical material is derived from Robin's name.

These short pieces are ideal as teaching material of for the concert hall, requiring the bassist to create a range of colours to bring the music to life. Composed with the younger player in mind, but suitable for players aged 8 to 80, there is much here to enjoy and Teppo Hauta-aho has written much effective and accessible music for younger players.

Waltz No.1 incorporates a number of playing devices, notably col legno, pizzicato and percussive finger clicks. The music begins slowly and with a lyrical and relaxed melody played arco, quickly developing into a jazz-inspired bass line full of energy and rhythmic interest.

Waltz No.2 has a strong forward momentum and introduces left hand pizzicato within an arco melody. It uses 4th position extensively and this has a strong forward momentum and much to challenge the intermediate bassist.

Waltz No.3 is the longest and fastest of the three. It makes a brief foray into low thumb position and also includes some easy and effective double stops. This is probably the most advanced of the waltzes and its chromatic style adds to the interest and energy of the piece.

3 Waltzes for Robin was premiered by Robin Stallard on Sunday 4th October 2009 at Bass-Fest @ Wells (Wells Cathedral School, Somerset).

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ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level6 - 7
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Published 30th August 2010
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