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12 Waltzes

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These waltzes were particular favourites of Dragonetti and were discovered amongst his manuscripts after his death in 1846. Each has its own character and energy, offering educational and recital repertoire for the good intermediate bassist and were newly edited in 2005. There are effective musical and technical challenges and the edition also includes a biographical article about 'Il Drago' by David Heyes.

ATCL Diploma (any 3 Waltzes). Performance Level: Grade 8;Advanced

"Dragonetti was a legend in his own time for his virtuoso performances on the double bass and, while there is documentary evidence that he played these Waltzes to his friends, it appears he himself never played them in a public recital. A selected group of the Waltzes would certainly go well in a concert, though I would caution against playing too many in a row lest the somewhat slight musical material and repetitive form detract too much from the performance - however imaginatively played! They are also excellent 'study' material - as you might expect from such a fine player - full of musical character, covering a wide range of keys and with opportunities to develop a range of fingering and bowing skills within a solid musical framework.
I know some of them from two previous editions and whilst the originals are unaccompanied some are available with a piano accompaniment in the Zimmerman book Double Bass Solos. For value for money, though, I would buy all 12 Waltzes from Recital Music and do away with the pianist! In this way the Waltzes make an excellent vehicle for developing an understanding of harmony, so necessary for playing unaccompanied music. Very much recommended for all students post-Grade 6." [ESTA - News & Views]

"Domenico Dragonetti (1763-1846) was arguably the earliest composer/doublebass virtuoso to make an impression on the musical world. His fame spread throughout Europe and came to crowning eminence in London where from 1794 till his death, he became part of the musical 'establishment'. Indeed, it was said that no musical event was complete without the participation of Dragonetti!
These 12 Waltzes or 'playful exercises' were written towards the end of his life and have been edited by the famous American bassist, Bert Turetzky. They are very agreeable to the ear and pleasant to perform. Interestingly, no fingerings are given or suggested by the editor so we assume that this edition is meant for the professional or more advanced player. Bowings and phrasings however, are well thought out.
Not knowing or sighting the original material of the composer this reviewer has to assume that the edition has faithfully reproduced the composer's intentions. Can it really be that they were originally for solo bass? There seems to be an element missing in their unadorned 'unaccompanied' form. This is my only caveat.
The editor gives a loving and informative appreciation of the miniatures and one can only hope that they become part of the solo bass repertoire and give us all a greater appreciation of our illustrious predecessor.
The layout is excellent with mostly a waltz per page, eliminating frantic page turns. AMEB from Grade 4 up." [STRINGENDO - Australian String Teachers Association]

Cat No. RM364
ComposerDomenico Dragonetti
EditorBertram Turetzky
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-364-1
EAN-13 9790570453641
Weight 82 grams
Published 1st April 2006
Availability OUT OF PRINT.
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