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Typically Teppo

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Typically Teppo 1 is now available as a pdf download and also includes Pieni BassoFantasia as part of the collection. https://dbbpublications.gumroad.com/l/typicallyteppo

Three works are brought together in this volume - Eric's Ballad / Almost a Serious Joke / Jack's Jam. Each piece explores a different soundscape, primarily in bass clef and in the orchestral register, and use arco, pizzicato and a few harmonics. These were written with specific young players in mind and are a combination of jazz and contemporary styles. Impressive writing for both educational and concert use. The composer explores a wide range of evocative and atmospheric textures and timbres, primarily within the orchestral register, but always with the musical line to the fore. Great music for the progressing bassist.

Eric's Ballad is ideal for post-Grade 8 students and offers musical and technical challenges in equal measure; Almost a Serious Duo remains in the orchestral register using a range of modern techniques: Jack's Jam has a jazz feel and combines jazz, classical and contemporary styles. Something for everyone!

Performance Level: 8; Advanced


  • Almost a Serious Joke
  • Eric's Ballad
  • Jack's Jam

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Cat No. RM125
Price £11.50
ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-125-8
EAN-13 9790570451258
Weight 66 grams
Published 19th July 2009
Availability 3 in stock
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