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The Heritage Series series

The history of the double bass features many player-composers who created a wealth of music for bassists of all abilities. Recital Music publish a wide and eclectic range of music by these important figures from the history of the instrument, particularly from the 19th and early 20th-centuries, and more works are in preparation. Some names are well known today, others almost forgotten, but each made a valuable contribution to the repertoire of the double bass and helped create a unqiue repertoire which deserves to be performed.

James Haydn Waud was born in London in 1848 and at the age of seven began his musical career under his father's tuition, subsequently studying cello with Vieuxtemps. For some years he continued as a cellist but finally took up the double bass and, during a long career, achieved an impressive reputation as an orchestral bassist and teacher.

He joined his first orchestra at the age of seventeen and was Principal Bass in Richter's London Concerts, Newman's Queens Hall Concerts and the Queens Hall Orchestra, eventually succeeded by the Czech bassist-composer, Adolf Lotter. For many years Waud was Principal Bass at the Crystal Palace, for sixteen years with the Glasgow Choral Union Concerts and was also Musical Director at the Garrick and Globe theatres in London. B. Henderson, in an article in 'The Strad' magazine (1908) called 'Some Virtuosi of the Double Bass', mentions that he was 'principal contrabassist at the Alexandra Palace, and was a member of the Philharmonic besides being known at every festival throughout the United Kingdom.'

James Haydn Waud was the first Professor of Double Bass at the Guildhall School of Music in London, appointed in September 1880 and, according to an article by Alfred Russell (The Strad, January 1905), 'he had ninety-seven pupils there for the double bass, besides a great number of private ones.' He taught there until 1912, retiring to the coastal town of Worthing (West Sussex) the following year suffering from ill health, and died there in 1918 during the 1918 influenza pandemic (Spanish flu).

Waud was one of the first to popularise the four-string bass in England, advocating the GDGD tuning, which eventually standardised to GDAE. His Progressive Tutor for the Double Bass was published in London and was popular during his lifetime.

Reverie was published twice by W.W. Waud & Co. (27 Hollywood Road, London / 88 Fulham Road, London), probably the family publishing company which was established in 1840, with the only difference between the two editions being the price - 3 shillings for the former address and 4 shillings for the latter. The front page states that it is 'Respectfully Dedicated to George Mount, Esq' and was for 'Contra Basso with Accompaniment for the Piano Forte', with the suggestion it could also be played by 'Violoncello or Bassoon'. The Library of Congress have original copies of the work which gives 1878 as a first publication date.

Reverie is a characteristic and lyrical piece, out of print for over 80 years, and this new edition offers a cantabile, approachable and accessible miniature for the intermediate bassist.

"Reverie is a charming salon piece in the bel canto style, though without substantial coloratura that is common in the Italianate repertoire...a pleasant melody with a little rhythmic variety and lies within the orchestral register." (ESTA News & Views)

"...Reverie contains all the hallmarks of a pedagogical piece written in the late 19th-century - it is flowingly lyrical, melodramatic, in clear ternary (ABA) form (complete with a key change in the middle section), written within the traditional orchestral register...it is valuable for students preparing to play the Capuzzi Concerto, as it is not as substantial in length or difficulty." [Double Bassist]

[Grade 8 - Trinity-Guildhall]

Performance Level: 8

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Cat No. RM118
Price £8.50
ComposerJames Haydn Waud
EditorDavid Heyes
CategoryDouble Bass & Piano
PublisherRecital Music
SeriesHeritage Series
Difficulty level7 - 8
ISMN 979-0-57045-118-0
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Published 3rd November 2008
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