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Typically Teppo 3

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Teppo Hauta-aho has the distinction of being the most prolific double bass composer in the history of the instrument. He has composed a wealth of music for unaccompanied double bass, from the beginner to the virtuoso, producing an unrivalled body of innovative, colourful and inventive works which will certainly stand the test of time.

Teppo Hauta-aho has explored the many possibilities of the modern double bass, but always within a classical and lyrical idiom, extending the playing techniques and new soundworlds into the 21st-century. Recital Music is proud to be his primary publisher with the 74 publications numbering over 100 works for all ability levels.

Typically Teppo 3 brings together three engaging and inventive works which demonstrate the many musical and technical challenges of the solo double bass. All composed in the 21st-century with each inhabiting its own individual and unique musical soundscape.

1. A Bass Waltz (2016) was composed for a Double Bass Festival at the Royal College of Music in London and was completed on 12 August 2016. Played primarily in harmonics, with an occasional pizzicato chord or open string to ground the work, it's ethereal and bleak musical landscape has echoes of the composers native Finland portraying its vast open spaces of forests and lakes.

2. Justonen (2005) is the shortest of the three works and remains in treble clef throughout. It was completed on 12 December 2005 and is a beautiful miniature to demonstrate the lyrical and cantabile possibilities of the double bass.

3. Pizzicato Serenade (2015) is the longest and most challenging of the three works. Completed on 29 May 2015, two days after the composer's 75th birthday and a few weeks after Teppo-Fest 2015, it encapsulates everything about the composer's soundworld and approach to playing the double bass. There are musical and technical challenges aplenty and this is a masterclass in how to write successfully for the pizzicato double bass.


  • 1. A Bass Waltz
  • 2. Justonen (Running)
  • 3. Pizzicato Serenade

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Price £10.00
ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level7 - 8, Advanced
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Published 21st April 2021
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