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Suite No.1 in D major

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Recital Music publish a wealth of original works for double bass alongside a popular, accessible and growing range of transcriptions for bassists of all ages and abilities. Most transcriptions published by Recital Music are by David Heyes, who has a successful and proven track record when arranging for double bass.

The music of J.S. Bach belongs in the repertoire of every instrument.

The idea to transpose the Cello Suite No.1 into D major was inspired by my son, Peer Anton Iuga and, at the age of seven, was always happiest when playing the Prelude from Suite No.1 on the cello. I realised how comfortable he was playing mainly in one or two positions and I chose double bass fingerings that I can play more in this direction, trying to avoid as many shifts as possible. The second fingering possibilities are for players who are not comfortable playing with the thumb in the lower positions.

In the Baroque era the ‘ideal sound’ was produced by using open strings (see the frets on the fingerboard of all members of the Gamba family), which is why I often use open strings and natural harmonics. I have tried to avoid the cello register and really love the sound of the double bass throughout its range.

Suggested tempos, dynamics and articulations are my personal choices, always influenced by my experience through much research and also as a soloist and teacher.

In the Prelude I introduce sul ponticello effects, with the aim of imitating the piano dynamic of the sound of a Gamba. It can be used when you want to differentiate between forte and piano, for example, in the repetitions in the movement or similar musical patterns.

The bowings have been inspired by the five manuscript sources, with more emphasis on the manuscript from Bach’s wife, Anna Magdalena.
Harmony and dance rhythms are important when playing the unaccompanied suites of J.S. Bach, and will help create a better approach to musical interpretation.
I wish you much joy and a wonderful time playing the timeless and monumental music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Professor Petru Iuga
[Mannheim, Germany / November 2019]


  • 1. Prelude
  • 2. Allemande
  • 3. Courante
  • 4. Sarabande
  • 5. Menuets I & II
  • 6. Gigue

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ComposerJ.S. Bach
ArrangerPetru Iuga
CategoryDouble Bass Solo
PublisherRecital Music
SeriesTranscriptions Series
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Published 23rd January 2020
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