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A Guitarist's Miscellany Book 3

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1. Brazil
One of my guitar-playing friends once asked me if I could write something for him with a Latin-American flavour, and which would include percussive effects. In the score, I have indicated approximate ‘pitches’ for these effects, but it is deliberately left to the player to decide exactly where on the body of the instrument these effects are produced.

2. Christmas Fantasia
This piece is unashamedly virtuose. Whilst it places great technical demands on the player, I hope that the sheer excitement, sparkle and vitality of the festive season which it evokes will more than compensate for whatever physical difficulties are encountered in pursuing the execution of this effervescent piece.

3. A Guitarist’s Prayer
Of all the pieces I have composed for the instrument, this is probably my favourite. The guitar does lend itself so beautifully to the shimmering, tremolo effect, and it facilitates a degree of expressive phrase shaping which is rarely equalled when employing other playing techniques. I do hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

4. Soliloquy
Usually, anything I write occurs because someone simply asks for it. It rarely happens that I will compose something for no reason other than the simple enjoyment of doing it. Yet, this is one of those rare pieces; I had a free day and it was pouring with rain. With a nice pot of hot tea within easy reach, I placed a pencil and some blank manuscript on my desk, picked up my guitar, and began…

[Programme notes by Richard Storry]

Since leaving the Royal Academy of Music (London) with high honours and a recital diploma, in 1989, Richard Storry has pursued a busy and successful career. Recent notable credits include the music for Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, starring Kristin Scott Thomas, which was performed in London's West End and subsequently broadcast by the BBC. Richard's music for Rumplestiltskin received over 300 performances in its first year alone and the musical, Kennedy, was nominated three times for the RUTAC Drama Awards. In addition to being in demand as a teacher and adjudicator, Richard Storry's work as a composer is recognised both nationally and internationally, including two commissions for the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. His musical play The Brothers Lionheart was voted best children's show in the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, and his first novel The Cryptic Lines has been adapted for the stage. Richard Storry travels worldwide as an examiner for the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and was recently elected Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM).

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Price £12.00
ComposerRichard Storry
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PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level7 - 8
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Published 9th December 2019
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