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Two Dances

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A prize winner in the 1999 BIBF Composition Competition, Two Dances displays two sides of the composer's character and personality. The first dance is waltz-like, within a modern and rhythmic idiom, contrasted by a reggae-like dance which has proved a great success in performance - particularly when Bass 3 is played by the composer! Both dances utilise the entire range of the bass ensemble and would be accessible for any adventurous advanced bass quartet.

Dance No.1 has a constant and repetitive high harmonic waltz-like rhythm against which the other basses weave their independent lines of melody and accompaniment, gradually fading away and ending simply and effectively.

Dance No.2 has been performed across the world and its 'reggae groove' from basses 3 and 4 produce a unique work of imaginative inspiration. The melodic interest is provided by basses 1 and 2, throughout the solo register, and there is vast scope to explore the sonorities and soundworld of the bass quartet medium.

"A clever and charming piece." (Double Bassist)

"Two Dances, from Finland's most prolific double bass composer, displays uncommonly good quartet-writing for basses: clear textures and a good choice of sonorities which allow each part to come through without any suggestion of heaviness. The upper two parts are often in the solo register, the lower two don't go above third position, though with some double stops. The first Dance is a lively yet sparse waltz-like melody set against high harmonics; the second, using similar melodic material, is supported by an effective reggae-style accompaniment from players 3 and 4. This is an entertaining and very approachable quartet." [ESTA - News & Views]

Teppo Hauta-aho is the most prolific composer of double bass music ever- writing music for every level of performer - beginner to virtuoso. He has created a unique soundworld and approach and his music is performed worldwide as more works are published by Recital Music, which is Hauta-aho's primary publisher.

Performance Level: Advanced


  • Dance No. 1
  • Dance No. 2

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Cat No. RM098
Price £12.50
ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoryDouble Bass Quartet
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level7 - 8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-098-5
EAN-13 9790570450985
Weight 140 grams
Published 19th July 2009
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