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Old French Song

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The Transcriptions Series series

Recital Music publish a wealth of original works for double bass alongside a popular, accessible and growing range of transcriptions for bassists of all ages and abilities. Most transcriptions published by Recital Music are by David Heyes, who has a successful and proven track record when arranging for double bass.

Based on the children's piano piece, this arrangement is aimed at young players of various abilities and can be successfully performed by sextet or larger forces. Bass 6 is optional and only uses open strings, and the melodic material is shared between the other players. Bass 1 ventures into low thumb position, but apart from that there are few problems and it has been very successful at workshops and concerts.

"...The capability range extends from an open strings part uo to early thumb position, so this is a good piece for a mixed ability ensemble. No-one will encounter any particular technical troubles, yet the arrangement provides ample scope for sensitive listening and balance. Each part comes on two staves, with your closest partner's part included - a really sensible way to encourage good ensemble playing." (ESTA News & Views)

"This arrangement of Peter Tchaikovsky's Old French Song (from Children's Album op.39) is a very nice package for a music teacher to own. The music notation is clear and easy to read; in addition to the score there are separate parts for each of the six bassists; and there is a brief biography of Tchaikovsky and a history of this piece on the back cover, enabling the student bassist to learn about the music they are performing.
The piece has a sombre, singable melody in D minor; is a mere 40 bars long, and can easily be performed without a conductor. Only the first part is in treble clef, the rest is in bass clef, and the highest note in the first part is a B flat (middle line). The arranger notes that the sixth part is for a complete beginner (it uses only the open G, D and A strings), and is optional. However, even with six bassists playing in a relatively low range of the instrument, the piece is not very muddy or growly, which was a pleasant surprise. This is terrific for a teacher who has a studio or class of bassists of varying abilities.
As mentioned, this arrangement is for beginner and intermediate-level players, and has only a few bowings marked and no fingerings. This is good for students because they will receive a piece of music and not an exercise, and good for the teacher because they can add fingerings as needed and of their choice.
Perhaps arranger David Heyes will grace us with a few more of the pieces from Tchaikovsky's Children's Album, so brief is this offering. But meanwhile, look to the Old French Song for a very musical, versatile and educational addition to the double bass ensemble repertoire." [DOUBLE BASSIST]

"This arrangement of Old French Song is written for a minimum of six double basses. It is not a difficult arrangement, aimed at allowing students of all abilities to perform together...This lovely tune is cleverly arranged and is a fantastic work for use during workshops and bass section tutorials." [STRINGENDO - Australian String Teachers]

Performance Level: 3;4;5;6.

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Cat No. RM050
Price £12.50
ComposerPeter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
EditorDavid Heyes
CategoryDouble Bass Sextet
PublisherRecital Music
SeriesTranscriptions Series
Difficulty level3 - 6
ISMN 979-0-57045-050-3
EAN-13 9790570450503
Weight 84 grams
Published 1st April 2005
Availability 7 in stock
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