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Ocean World (Vocal Score)

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Vocal Score.


Who cares what becomes of the ocean?

Man has always been fascinated by the sea, that mysterious world that he can only visit as a spectator. But today, his desire to exploit the earth's resources for his immediate benefit is leading inexorably to the destruction of all marine life. Ocean World issues a cry for help on behalf of the inhabitants of the sea. A female humpback whale invites us into her underwater home and introduces some of the other creatures with whom she shares the ocean. We observe her joy as her new-born calf arrives and the two begin the journey to northern feeding grounds.

Man's threatening presence soon becomes apparent, however. Coral mining, whaling ships, commercial fishing vessels, oil spillages and domesitc, industrial and nuclear wastes - under this combined assault, the ocean simply cannot sustain the quantity and variety of life it holds. The message is clear and simple: if man continues to misuse the sea, he will destroy the life in it.


  • 01. Enigma Of The Deep
  • 02. My World
  • 03. Ocean World
  • 04. Creatures Of Coral
  • 05. Sensuous Soul
  • 06. Angels And Butterflies
  • 07. New Life
  • 08. Breathe The Air
  • 09. Turtle
  • 10. Coral Cacophony
  • 11. Safe By My Side
  • 12. Shadow Of The Prow
  • 13. Love Song Of The Diatom
  • 14. Men Of The Ocean
  • 15. Dolphin School
  • 16. Cousin Dolphin
  • 17. Operation Neptune
  • 18. Evacuation!
  • 19. My Heart's Delight
  • 20. Poisoned Waters
  • 21. Man-made Hell
  • 22. So Small
  • 23. Don't Blame Us
  • 24. Precious Life
Cat No. JWRC574
Supplier Code M570055746
Price £16.95
ComposerPeter Rose
WordsAnne Conlon
CategoriesSchool Musical
Musical Theatre
PublisherJosef Weinberger Ltd
ISMN 979-0-57005-574-6
EAN-13 9790570055746
Weight 450 grams
Published 11th June 2003
Availability 1 on order: available soon
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