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All Together Now: Africa Suite

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The All Together Now series

A series of 4 contrasting books for four guitars. Useful ensemble or group teaching material.

Rich in Life was inspired by a comment made by a young African girl in a television documentary.

Reflecting on her desperate situation she managed to say "I may be poor in wealth but I am rich in life...". In Rainy Season I have tried to imitate the sound of the Kalimba, a simple wooden instrument with metal resonators. Night Sky has a sequence of "orbital" rhythms imitating the movement of the stars. Finally, in Harvest a positive and driving rhythmic texture.


  • Harvest
  • Night Sky
  • Rainy Season
  • Rich in Life
Cat No. CM228
Price £8.95
ComposerLee Sollory
CategoryGuitar Ensemble
PublisherCamden Music
SeriesAll Together Now
ISMN 979-0-57034-228-0
EAN-13 9790570342280
Weight 74 grams
Published 24th August 2009
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No endurance needed; young musicians and their audiences can just enjoy.

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