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Dances Courtly and Portly

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23 publications in this series

The Crooks Anonymous series

An eminently playable series of works from the repertoire of the renowned Worcestershire based quartet "Crooks Anonymous". Many of these pieces were specially written or arranged for Crooks and range from the serious to the completely unserious!

Four renaissance dances strangely suited to 3 bassoons and contra!


  • Caro Ortolano
  • Ronde E Salterelle
  • Intrada
  • Pavan
Cat No. CM006
Price £11.95
ComposersGiorgio Mainerio
Michael Praetorius
Paul Puerle
Material Traditional
ArrangerAndrew Skirrow
CategoryBassoon Quartet (3 Bns+contra)
PublisherCamden Music
SeriesCrooks Anonymous
ISMN 979-0-57034-006-4
EAN-13 9790570340064
Weight 96 grams
Published 9th June 1997
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