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The Beauty of Scales for Cello

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Scales make up much of what is beautiful in music. As such, they rely on a creative mind when it comes to bow speed, bow distribution and musical direction, becoming a powerful source of inspiration. Imagination combined with a wish for beauty may subscribe to charm. Beauty and charm may lead to Love, and thus we have learnt to love our scales!

This scale book seek to exhaust the topic of scales: Chapter 1 contains all the classic scales (and a few more, to be fair) while Chapter 2 addresses some of the more exotic forms that scales take. In addition to extended techniques such as pizzicato, artificial harmonics, whole-tone scales, blues scales and scales of diminished and augmented thirds, etc., Chapter 2 explores double-stop scales in every interval from the unison to the tenth.

Cat No. CL122
Price £25.00
ComposerMats Lidström
CategoryCello Scales
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Published 6th July 2015
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