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Portraits honours six women of talent, dedication and exceptional bravery. In the case of Veronica Guerin and Anna Politkovskaya, the ultimate price was paid in their search for truth. Despite looking brutality in the eye, and facing corrupted minds and souls,
yielding was never an option. Instead they pushed on. Portraits aims to remind us of their goal and to prolong their voices.


  • Angela Burdett- Coutts - All I can give you, I give
  • Anna Politkovskaya - Heroine's Call
  • Camille Claudel - The ages of life
  • Dorothy Hamill - The Hamill Camel
  • Monica Zetterlund - Night Games
  • Veronica Guerin - Pastoral
Cat No. CL108
Price £12.00
ComposerMats Lidström
CategoryPiano Solo
ISMN 979-0-9002179-8-1
EAN-13 9790900217981
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Published 18th April 2011
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