Yvonne Warmelink

Composer Information: Yvonne Warmelink

Yvonne Warmelink was born in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands and is married with two children. At the age of 10, Yvonne started playing the accordion: with four sisters, all players of the accordion, it was one of the elder sisters that taught her. About 5 years later, Yvonne took lessons from Hotze Jelsma at the music school in Drachten.

Orchestral experience grew. It was with very much pleasure that she played with Brouwers Accordion Orchestra conducted by Johan de With. This orchestra consists of professional accordion musicians and students of the conservatoire. In 1990, Yvonne moved to another part of the Holland and was asked to teach the accordion to a group of adults. Yvonne has been teaching since 1995.

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E-mail: Yvonne.Warmelink@chello.nl

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