Colin Prior

Composer Information: Colin Prior

Colin Prior is one of Britain's leading landscape photographers. His spectacular panoramic images capture the beauty and eternal quality of the world's wild places, especially those of his own native Scotland.

He brings to his work a strong personal vision combined with supreme technical mastery of his chosen medium. Shooting at the 'magic hours' of dawn or dusk, he is able to catch those rare moments when composition, fine light and colour combine to create a remarkable image. Each photograph uniquely captures fleeting moments of nature that will never repeat themselves exactly.
It is this timeless quality that is the hallmark of Colin's work.

The Colin Prior Collection includes some of Scotland's wildest and most remote mountain landscapes, from Glen Coe and Torridon to the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye. It also features wilderness areas from many parts of the world such as the Namib Desert in Namibia, Patagonia, Bungle Bungle in Western Australia, Kenya and Utah.

Colin's work has received considerable critical acclaim. His four calendar commissions for British Airways have won him numerous awards. He has had two major solo exhibitions, The Scottish Visual Experience and Lands' End. The Colin Prior Collection represents some of the finest panoramic photography in the world.
It is a tribute to one man's skill, dedication and love of nature.

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