Craig Rickards

Composer Information: Craig Rickards

Craig Rickards was born in 1959, raised in Grimsby, North Lincolnshire and is now married with 4 children and living in Surrey.

In his early years he sang in the local church choir and played the cornet and euphonium in local brass bands. In 1983 he graduated with a B.A. (hons.) in Music Education at Kingston University and has taught clarinet and saxophone. He runs a swing band, sax group and two clarinet choirs and also teaches jazz piano. Writing and arranging continues for various school based ensembles and solo instruments.

As a performer, Craig has worked with the BBC (Greenbelt Arts Festival), toured and recorded with the Noel Richards Band across Europe, plays sax with surrey based jazz group - “What Four” and currently accompanies jazz singer Liz Cole on Piano.

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