Sue Taylor

Composer Information: Sue Taylor

Sue Taylor Melbourne born, started performing at the age of 8 on piano, then violin (HSC), viola (Founder Member AYO), trumpet (AYO, NZYO, NZCO, Royal College of Music London), oboe (on which she graduated from the RCM). Taught Oboe for the London Borough of Barnet and Watford SM for 10 years, freelancing and performing with the Atheneaum Ensemble, before returning to Australia with her family. Whilst teaching in UK during the 70's, wrote "Blow the Oboe!" as could find nothing else remotely possible to use! Sue Taylor quickly became a highly regarded teacher, attributing much of her success to the quality of her students, and to her insistence that all students become involved in group work- from about week 3! The initial noises are indescribable, but the rate of "stimulated progress" truly astonishing.

Three years as oboe Lecturer at the DDIAE, Toowoomba (now Uni of Southern Queensland), and Oboe Specialist for the DD Music Centre saw the oboe population increase from 3-19 in 18 months! Sue played Principal Oboe in all the local orchestras, performing also in chamber orchestras and groups in both Toowoomba and Brisbane on both modern and Baroque oboe. The highlight of her Toowoomba years was the 1985 Bach Festival, directed by violinist Spiros Rantos, during which the complete Brandenburg Concerti and the Bach Oboe/Violin Concerto in c minor (in 1999 Sue took on the challenge of the latter on the Baroque instrument!) were performed.

Sue and family then moved to Melbourne for the education of their young son, where Sue quickly became the busiest oboe teacher- 56 students within 6 weeks! Her interest lies in starting kids off, instilling in her students both a great love of their instrument and of playing in ensembles. After G8 (or even before if it seems wise) Sue passes her tots on to teachers who specialise in advanced students. (As everyone has already taken part in several Master Classes given by top teachers, their choice is usually easy!) A stint of "emergency" examining for the AMEB quickly led to a permanent position, which in turn led to an invitation to become the Oboe Specialist for VCE (the Victoria equivalent of A Level). Both positions leading to consultancy positions with both Boards, and the jobs of compiling new syllabuses.

Her "bassooning" began with an innocuous request to take over the "junior kids", which was accompanied by the free use of the DOM's own bassoon. Sue settled down to getting ahead...working her way through the 8 AMEB grades in order to teach and examine effectively. Before long, "Blow the Bassoon!" was hastily being penned, and the rest, as one says, is history!

Moving to their Northern New South Wales 16 Acre piece of paradise, has just altered the content of her busy life. Sue's current group, Rosewood Ensemble (the one and only classical chamber music group in a 200km Area) keeps her "arranging hand" in constant work, and her performance desires well satisfied.

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