Gundula Gruen

Composer Information: Gundula Gruen

Gundula Gruen was born in Augsburg in Germany, and is an inspiring violinist, tutor and musical director, highly qualified with 2 degrees and a post graduate degree plus 20 years of performing experience.

Trained also in Alexander technique and other alternative healing arts, Gundula has developed her own method of teaching the violin with a holistic approach using encouragement and the enthusiasm of the student for the learning process and various creative approaches to help through difficulties and blockages. She wrote a series of tutorial books that support this way of teaching. She holds a musical passion for Eastern European and Balkan Gypsy and folk music and has devoted enormous amounts of time to research, study and travel, achieving much ethno-musicological knowledge, cultural insight and a unique collection of inspiring music.

Gundula is a founder and leader of two groups: ZiG, a quartet performing Eastern European and Balkan music with highly acclaimed musicians from Serbia; and the London Gypsy Orchestra, a group of 40 musicians dedicated to Gypsy music from all over Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The book “Gypsy Music Collection” is available in various versions from Spartan Press. She is experienced in sound engineering, live and studio work and post production and also speaks English, German, Italian and Turkish!

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