Elias Davidsson

Composer Information: Elias Davidsson

Elias Davidsson lives in Reykjavik, Iceland with his wife, Iwona Osp Jagla (a pianist), their son David, two cats and two hamsters. He was born in Palestine in 1941, and at hardly 14 years of age he was sent to Vienna to study music. At the age of 21 Elias settled in Iceland where he married and worked for over 20 years as a computer programmer. In 1983 he quit the field of computers and decided to return to his once-cherished field, music. After receiving a diploma as piano teacher in Switzerland, he returned to Iceland to work as a music school director, church organist, teacher, composer and arranger. He has published about 20 volumes of original compositions for musical education - see www.tonar-og-steinar.com.

In parallel to his, Elias has for many years been involved in activism and research regarding social and global justice, peace, anti-racism and human rights. His writings include articles on multinational corporations, the IMF and the World Bank, the Palestine question, Zionism, economic sanctions and international law.

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E-mail: eliasdav@t-online.de

Web-site: www.tonar-og-steinar.com

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