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Ave Maria


Publisher: Tim Knight Music

Categories: Voice & Organ, Middle School Classroom, Church Services, Church (unison Or 2 Part)
Composer: Toby Huelin
Difficulty level: 2

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Bassoon Rocks


Publisher: Con Moto Publications

Category: Bassoon & Piano
Composer: Theo Richens
Difficulty level: 1 - 5

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Beethoven Symphony No. 4 arr. for Wind Ensemble

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PP841  Beethoven Symphony No. 1 arr. Wind Ensemble

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications

Category: Wind Ensemble
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Arranger: Nick Reader

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Busoni Fantasy after J.S. Bach for two pianos


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Two Pianos
Composer: Ferruccio Busoni
Transcribed: Murray McLachlan

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Mozart Marriage of Figaro for string trio


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: String Trio
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranger: John Whitfield

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New Music Flyer Apr 17 from Spartan Press Distribution


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Flyers
Editor: Mark Goddard

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Suite from Castor and Pollux arranged for Cello and Piano


Publisher: CelloLid.com

Category: Cello & Piano
Composer: Jean-Philippe Rameau
Transcribed: Mats Lidström
Difficulty level: 7 - 8

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Two Flutes at the Opera Book 2


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Flute Duet
Composers: Hector Berlioz, Christoph Willibald von Gluck, Jacques Francois Halevy, Engelbert Humperdinck, Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner, Carl Maria von Weber
Arranger: Granville Walker
Difficulty level: 4 - 6

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Visions for piano solo


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Piano Solo
Composer: Susan Owers

Includes CD
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