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Adagio WoO 35


Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications

Category: Bassoon & Strings
Composer: Louis (Ludwig) Spohr
Arranger: Martin Gatt

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Beethoven Symphony No. 3 arr. Wind Ensemble

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PP841  Beethoven Symphony No. 1 arr. Wind Ensemble

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications

Category: Wind Ensemble
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Arranger: Nick Reader

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Duologues for violin and piano

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SP1325  Duologues for flute and piano (FLUTE & PIANO)

Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Violin & Piano
Composer: Alan Bullard
Difficulty level: Advanced

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New Music Flyer Mar 17 from Spartan Press Distribution


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Flyers
Editor: Mark Goddard

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Play The Piano Book 2


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Piano Tutor
Composer: Bryan Kelly
Artist: John Newberry

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Schubert Five, Classics Unlocked Strings Pack

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SP1348  Schubert Five, Classics Unlocked Woodwind Pack (FLEXIBLE WIND ENSEMBLE)

Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Flexible String Ensemble
Composer: Franz Schubert
Arranger: Mark Goddard
Difficulty level: 3 - 7

Flexible scoring
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Snow White and the Four Basses (From Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs)


Publisher: Four Bass Music

Category: Double Bass Quartet
Composer: Frank Churchill
Difficulty level: 5 - 8

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Two Sonatas for Trumpet and Piano Op. 179


Publisher: Curci

Category: Trumpet & Piano
Composer: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

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Publisher: Tim Knight Music

Categories: Flute & Piano, Violin & Piano, Oboe & Piano
Composer: Tim Knight
Difficulty level: 4

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