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10 Bach Fugues for String Quartet Book 1

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SP1378  10 Bach Fugues for String Quartet Book 2

Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: String Quartet
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Transcribed: Fred Thomas

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Arban Lite Vol. 1 Bass Clef

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SP1147  Arban Lite Book 1 (treble-clef brass - beginner to grade 2) (TRUMPET STUDIES)

Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Trombone Studies
Arranger: Edward Maxwell

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At the Sign of the Crumhorn


Publisher: European Music Archive

Category: Recorder Quartet
Material: Anonymous

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Jerome Gasson: Chemistry Experiments (Clarinet & Piano)


Publisher: Queen's Temple Publications

Category: Clarinet & Piano
Composer: Jerome Gasson
Difficulty level: 5 - 6

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New Music Flyer Jan 18 from Spartan Press Distribution


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Flyers

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Rachmaninov Concerto 1 (2nd movement arr. McLachlan for solo piano)


Publisher: Spartan Press

Category: Piano Solo
Composer: Sergei Rachmaninov
Transcribed: Murray McLachlan

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