Help with submitting new works for possible publication

Our continued growth as a company relies on publishing new music, and we are happy to read new works and to help save you effort and time, we suggest the following guide lines.

Before sending anything, please research the sort of music that we publish. For example, rock demos are obviously not our thing by ANY means, and are simply unceremoniously binned! A quick phone call to Spartan on 01528 544770 may help you to clarify this.

Having decided to submit your work to Spartan, please send scores with a covering letter including all relevant contact details, a short CV either:

a) Through the post as hard-copy, or
b) Via email as Sibelius, Microsoft Word, jpg or Portable Document Files (PDFs) to

If you are sending by post and you require the material to be returned afterwards, please enclose a large, self addressed and ready-stamped padded or otherwise very sturdy envelope. Please be aware that your material is sent at your own risk. If your material is valuable to you, please insure it against loss.

We are always pleased to receive and read legible scores, and because of the nature of our group meetings, it can help your cause if you also include supporting material: for example, some sort of recording (on CD or cassette tape) or recorded film clip (on video or DVD or via standard on-line media file).

Once we receive your submission, our policy is to contact you without delay (always within a week) just to confirm its safe arrival at Strathmashie. After that, you may have to wait a little longer (sometimes several weeks) before our reading panel convenes to discuss all currently pending entries. We try to keep up-to-date with this important work, but please be patient at busy times, where customers buying music are given priority.

Many thanks for reading this,

Dave and Claire Candy
Spartan Press Music Publishers Limited