VAT savings!

From Monday 2nd December, 2008, certain items for sale on this website have been cheaper. The VAT rate has dropped and we are passing these savings onto you, the customer, immediately and in full.

The "detail" follows below, but don't worry, this website will computes all this automatically for you.

Zero Rated Value Added Tax

The vast majority of products on this website are classed as "Printed Music", which is classed as 'Zero Rated' for VAT purposes. So the prices of these products are NOT be effected at all by the Chancellor's recent VAT change reduction.

Change to Standard Rate Value Added Tax

We have to charge "Standard Rated" VAT on certain items on this website.

for example:

  • Compact Discs sold separately to printed music
  • Jot=A=Notes practice notebooks
  • Greetings Cards

The standard rate of VAT droped from 17.5% to 15% from 1 December 2008. The rate will stay at 15% until 1 January 2010, when it will go back to 17.5%.



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