Katrina Port on work experience

October 6th - 10th 2008


 I'm in 4th year at Gairloch High School and I chose to do work experience at Spartan Press because I play the clarsach and piano and was interested in finding out about the business and what goes on here.


6th October- I turned up at Spartan Press Monday morning at 9 o'clock. I was introduced to the staff and was shown around. The atmosphere was really friendly. I started by helping Rupert in the distributing room. We packaged lots of music book orders and prepared them for being sent away. I then helped Sandra with pulling some orders in the new Sales room.


7th October- Today  Mark showed me the various jobs that go on in the Print room. I helped by collating quite a few piano books. I then went on to stitching some books using the staple machine. I was shown by Pat how to refill the staples, along with Merlin who was looking intentively through the window. I learned how the data is stored in the computer on the jobs that need done in the room and how it is recorded.


8th October- Today I did a lot of work on the computer. I helped Mark with the data-base which stores the information about the music and composers. I worked on correcting the small errors that the technology couldn't quite recognise. I also did some more stitching and collating in the Print room whilst listening to Radio 1. I got shown how the re-stocking is done in the Sales room. Mark and I collected more books from storage in the Warehouse then I put the statistics into the computer.


9th October- Today Mark introduced me to a new project. I was to sort music books into categories depending on the instruments and composers and move them to a fresh shelf. Any organisation skills I have were getting put to good use :).. I pulled some more orders for Sandra when it got busy.


10th October- Today I carried on with the project that Mark set me. It felt good that a difference was being made, and I even recognised a few books that I learnt from years ago! I helped to pull more orders and pack them. Often enough I sealed the address label into the parcel and had to reopen it! By now I'd pretty much got the hang of it, and I got to log the letters and parcels into the computer once the packing was done, from the help of Sandra.


Overall, I really enjoyed working at Spartans Press for the week. The staff were all really nice and seeing what work is done here was a nice taste of what goes on in the music publishing business and I've come away with a lot more knowledge about it than I started with!








Katrina Port