Sophie Calvert - Work Experience Placement at Spartan

I'm a pupil at Kingussie High School in 4th year. I am very interested in music and I play the piano and flute, which is why I chose Spartan for my work experience.

Monday 29th September 2008

Print room: I started the week by helping collating books together, then I went on to saddle stitching them. I got an hours lunch then back to work. I worked with Mark, scanning large format book covers.

Tuesday 30th September 2008

As often happens, an emergency print finishing job arrived: we had run out of a Guitar book called "Real Guitar Book 2". I had to collate about 50 books and then stitch them all, so that they were finished by that day. Pat guillotined them later. I also got to help with pulling orders for Sandra in the new sales room. I even helped reconcile the credit card machine statistics.

Wednesday 1st October 2008

In the Pavilion: I helped to sort out all the old stock that was redundant. I worked with Mark to lift boxes of very old covers (raw materials) into the Landrover, and take them to a huge bonfire.  We couldn't recycle because of the lamination.

Thursday 2nd October 2008

Helped with pulling orders for Spartan Press again for Sandra and Annette. I moved some 'bulk stock' to and from the warehouse and marked where they all got put. Then did some collating and stitching of a new piano book to finish the day.

Friday 3rd October 2008

Helped in the sales room with Sandra and Jim, pulling more orders. Helped with finding bulk stock and putting it on the shelves. Lifting other boxes with Ian's help, into the Landrover again, and away to the pavilion. Worked with Mark putting the boxes onto metal 'Dexion' storage shelves. then marking what 'bin' they were in. I was then given the responsibility of putting the final data into the computer system.

Overall, I enjoyed working here. I was very interesting to find out just how much work actually goes on in music publishing.

Sophie with Merlin - note
the first snow of the
season in the far