Building at Strathmashie House - a history

The new Spartan Press sales ‘wing’ is progressed well, despite blizzards, floods and gale force winds! The schedule was further hampered early on by the unfortunate discovery of an old Victorian sewer which had to be re-routed, a damaged Hydro-electric cable (that nobody knew was there) and a revision of the floor levels of the building to improve disabled access.

At last, the area is starting to look less like a mud-bath and a lot more like a building:— lovely re-claimed slates are now on, the windows are in, the walls are harled and the underfloor heating is laid. Nearly there!

We have tried hard to include many 'Strathmashie-esque' features into the new building, including huge re-claimed slates, replicating the 17th Century cobbles and Victorian quarry tiles around the new entrance, mimicking the look of the sandstone mullions and sash windows etc etc. We hope the new single storey building, when finished in early summer, will look as if its "always been there".

The plans can be viewed here in pdf format, each compressed into a 'zip' file:

The main aims of the new development are:

  1. To quadruple the size of Spartan Press's music order pulling area. This will dramatically improve efficiency as well as allow continued growth for both music publishing and mail order retail over the next decade or two. We need more room to keep existing jobs and create new ones as opportunities present themselves.
  2. Re-define the business/family use of Strathmashie House by creating a separate entrance for Spartan Press which is not shared with the Goddard family. The new "goods out" will have its own Edwardian verandah and dispatch porch, keeping the building warmer and the parcels drier!
  3. Free-up another large reception room in the main house to be hungrily engulfed by the burgeoning printing and internet services departments if things continue to grow as they are doing.

Shelves start to sprout

Building work at

Steels up now