New (or old?) rep at Spartan

For a limited period only, Mark Goddard will be "acting rep" for Spartan Press distribution.

Mark's new mobile number is: 0789 471 2183.

Following Jon Kershaw's decision to leave Spartan in April, Mark will be visiting major dealers in the UK and Eire personally for the first time for at least 7 years! A new set of 'tools for the job' includes the latest light weight laptop running a custom written 'rep-edition' of the Spartan trade site. Presentations include being able to see what a particular buyer has purchased from Spartan over the years, and also, and more interestingly, what they may never have seen before! Details of the brand new Trinity Guildhall syllabus are also available.

When Mark last travelled for Spartan, sharing the country with Mark Pulman (in't North), the catalogue was less than half the size it is now. Jonathan did the job (sharing with Cramer) for nearly six years. Meanwhile, Jon is enjoying a bit of quiet family life, working, amongst other things, from home on various Spartan Press projects.

Does Spartan NEED a 'rep' as such these days? If you have any views, please pass them on via the feedback form (see link above). We would be interested to hear what you think.