Football Crazy - Footie Songs arranged for instruments...


Spartan's new Football Crazy! series by Edward Maxwell is available in five different versions: Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Alto Sax and Tenor Sax

These ‘Footie Songs’ are flexible and can be played as solo or duet, accompanied by either jazz piano (using the pull-out part) or the first class CD recorded backing tracks (free with the book). The book also includes a ‘Rhythm & Beat’ workshop study section.

Each song has two tunes:

  • A The footie song that everyone knows — nice and simple, followed by
  • B A second, more elaborate tune, that can be also be played at the same time as A

And can be accompanied by either:
Piano or
CD backing tracks

If playing as a solo, the tunes can be played straight through (A followed by B), or extended by repeating tune A (i.e. A-B-A). Note that the CD accompaniment only plays through twice. The performer is encouraged to improvise over the accompaniment. Tune B is generally more difficult, so beginners may wish to omit this and just play tune A twice.

Tunes A and B fit together as a duet. It is suggested that the more advanced player plays tune B. If playing with a ‘live’ piano accompaniment, the piece can be extended in any number of ways - e.g. player 1 plays tune A; player 2 plays tune B; player 1 improvises; player 2 improvises; players 1 & 2 then play as a duet.

CD tracks

1 Football Chant (duet)
2 Football Chant (solo)
3 Football Chant (accompaniment)
4 Olé (duet)
5 Olé (solo)
6 Olé (accompaniment)
7 We Are The Boys (duet)
8 We Are The Boys (solo)
9 We Are The Boys (accompaniment)
10 We Love You (duet)
11 We Love You (solo)
12 We Love You (accompaniment)
13 We Shall Not Be Moved (duet)
14 We Shall Not Be Moved (solo)
15 We Shall Not Be Moved (accompaniment)
16 We’ll Support You Evermore (duet)
17 We’ll Support You Evermore (solo)
18 We’ll Support You Evermore (accompaniment)
19 By Far The Greatest Team (duet)
20 By Far The Greatest Team (solo)
21 By Far The Greatest Team (accompaniment)
22 When The ..Go Marching In (duet)
23 When The ..Go Marching In (solo)
24 When The ..Go Marching In (accompaniment)
25 Here We Go! (duet)
26 Here We Go! (solo)
27 Here We Go! (accompaniment)
28 La Donna e Mobile (duet)
29 La Donna e Mobile (solo)
30 La Donna e Mobile (accompaniment)
31 Amazing Grace (duet)
32 Amazing Grace (solo)
33 Amazing Grace (accompaniment)
34 We Will Follow ... (duet)
35 We Will Follow ... (solo)
36 We Will Follow ... (accompaniment)

Football Crazy for
Trumpet (SP840)

Football Crazy for
Trombone (SP841)

Football Crazy for
Clarinet (SP842)