Downloading corrected pages and reporting misprints

Downloads and Errata

If appropriate, downloads are available of separate pages of music in PDF format (or MP3 files as appropriate) to deal with known misprints/errors.

  •  A Bizet Notebook for Solo Flute SP1119
Two errors have been identified in the Entracte (pages 10 & 11). The B sharp in bar 50 should be a B natural (as per bar 52) and bar 121 should not have a triplet just 3 quavers in the 3/8 time signature.


  • Our Heritage Volume 3, Eb Tenor Horn CMT2003

An error has been found. There is a missing half bar in Kenilworth Extract 3.

This piece is set on Trinity Syllabus. Please download a small PDF here to correct the problem.


  • Easy Jazz String Orchestra SP396

An error has been found in the Violin III part. The last stave of the last piece (Minor Major), at bar 21, begins with a start repeat barline. This is incorrect. This stave (starting at bar 21) should read; 4 bars rest, start repeat barline, 1 bar rest, then the low D beginning at bar 26. The rest of the stave, including the end repeat barline at the end of bar 28 is correct.

  • Circus Skills for Horn (F and Eb) SP641

Regrettably, a small number of copies are currently 'in circulation' with the wrong piano part stitched inside the cover.  The parts and the CD are correct. To identify the wrong piano part, look at the catalogue number at the foot of each page. The trumpet version (the wrong piano part) will display 'SP640'. It also says 'Trumpet' on page 2 at the beginning of the score.

If you find that you do have a faulty copy, please contact us ASAP and we'll replace the piano part free of charge.


  • U128 Compositions for Clarinet Volume 1 Book with CD
  • UCD128  Compositions for Clarinet Volume 1 (Stand alone CD)
  1. Track 24 "Powder Snow" is not in the correct key for the Clarinet. Download this updated MP3 to correct the problem. 
    U128 Powder Snow new track 24
  • SP963 Around the World in 80 tunes volume 1 for Mandolin
  1. Page 70 - a line of tab is missing (penultimate system). 
    Replacement A4 page available to download.
    SP963 Replacement page 70
  • SUN105 Threesome for two players Sonatina for oboe and piano
  1.  Movement 3.Bar 69. Left Hand piano part should read the same accidentals as the right hand forming a D major chord.
  • SP944  Classical Masters Volume 4 for Acoustic Guitar arr. Mitchell
  1. Contents page available to download. No. 4: Bouree is on page 14 not 18!
    SP944 Contents page

  • PP152  Glinka: Septet in E flat
  1. oboe part of the adagio, bar 65, last three notes should be D, C sharp, D.

  • PP800 Bailey: Sou 'Wester for Wind Quintet
    1. I - A-Roving: Bar 107, time signature should be 2/4 in all parts not 3/4, the score shows 3/4 in the bassoon part, the rest being OK.
    2. II - Blow the man down: should be marked Andante (dotted crotchet = 72) and NOT Allegro.
    3. III Drunken Sailor:  bars leading up to letter D - dim e MOLTO rit would be preferable to dim e MOTTO rit!

    4. 3/4 to change to 2/4 at bar 107 in piece I. 
    5. In piece III, please provide a double bar at letter E where there is a key change, usually a trigger for a double bar, which does appear in the score.

    6. Ditto 3/4 to 2/4 at bar 107 in piece I.
    7. In piece III at letter E, oboe would also like a double bar.  And at bar 52, the rests are incorrect in both part and score.

    8. Ditto 3/4 to 2/4 at bar 107 in piece I.
    9. Piece III - any chance of better payout of rests and naturals in bar 70?

    10. Ditto 3/4 to 2/4 at bar 107 in piece I.
    11. In piece II, the letter F is in the wrong place, one bar early.
    12. In piece III, the horn needs a double bar at letter E

    13. Ditto 3/4 to 2/4 at bar 107 in piece I.
    14. In piece II, the bassoon would appreciate courtesy (A) flats in bars 7 and 9


  • CM237 & CM238 Jazz Routes for Saxophone by Malcolm Miles
    Improvisation strategies for Trinity Guildhall Jazz Saxophone Exams - this single sheet insert now comes with each book - or download a copy here: Jazz Routes (both sax versions) impro errata.pdf
  • SP485 Who's Zoo? Bassoon & Piano by Colin Cowles
    In 'Dandy Lion', bar 48, the score shows the last note is F (correct). The part shows the last note as E in error. Apologies for that!
  • QT54 Screwball! for saxophone duet by James Rae QT54 optional tenor sax.pdf
    Unfortunately, some copies were dispatched during May and June 2007 without the optional Tenor Sax part. You can download the part here (a 2 page pdf file) or contact us with your full postal address and we will send a printed copy to you.
  • U120 Compositions for Flute Book 1 by Graham Lyons
    Incorrect CD included with some copies. The CD is labelled 'UCD120' as expected, but actually contains the tracks for another publication.
    Problem discovered in September 2006.
    The incorrect CD has 34 tracks, the correct CD has 32 tracks.
    If your copy of this book has the incorrect CD, please contact us for a replacement.

    Some customers have experienced difficulties reading the pdf files for U120 on their computers.
    We offer below two downloads to work around this...
    1) U120 Piano Accompaniments (2,114 KB zip file)
    2) U120 Extras (1,544 KB zip file)
  • U121 Compositions for Flute Book 2 by Graham Lyons

    Some customers have experienced difficulties reading the pdf files for U121 on their computers.
    We offer below two downloads to work around this...
    1) U121 Piano Accompaniments (1,593 KB zip file)
    2) U121 Extras (1,723 KB zip file)
  • QT19 Anything Can Happen! by Paul Harris Clarinet 2 (part only) page 3
    Top of page 3 of second clarinet part showed notes from first clarinet part instead.
    Problem discovered in November 2005.
    Corrected by immediately reprinting revised Clarinet 2 part and replacing in all existing copies.
  • SP120 A Tale of Five Winds by Mark Goddard - errors reported September 2001
    1. Score only, page 52, Both system's bar numbers should have 100 added to them!
    2. Bar 42, Horn, Last quaver should be D flat concert pitch (not E flat)
    3. Bar 93, Bassoon, 2nd minim should NOT be tied
    4. Bar 95, Bassoon, 1st beat should NOT be tied
    5. Bar 95, Bassoon, Last crotchet should be tied to 1st note of following bar
    6. Bars 196 and 197, Clarinet, 1st note # missing
    7. Bar 194, Bassoon, Tie missing to 1st note of next bar
    8. Bar 276, Cor Anglais, Written Es in part (Concert As in score) should both be flats.
    9. Bars 357 and 358, Piccolo, Last quavers in each bar should be F above (not B)
  • SP624 Simplest Mozart Sonatinas
    Minor errors to be sorted on reprint, due November 2006
    1. Page 6, the Andante: the Key Signature is missing from the beginning of Bar 1. The Andante is in G major.
    2. Page 7, Bar 37: there is a natural for the C which isn’t needed.
    3. Page 8, Bar 55: in the left hand, the A should be G and should be a minim instead of a crotchet, thereby making it identical to Bar 7 on Page 6.

Reporting Errors

If you discover a misprint in a work distributed by Spartan Press, please let us know using the feedback link above. Please provide as much information as possible to enable us to address the problem efficiently. Please specify the following as appropriate:

  1. Title of publication
  2. Catalogue number
  3. Which instrument(s)/part(s) are effected?
  4. On which page(s)
  5. In which bar(s)
  6. On which beat(s)
  7. Score/Part or both?