Prices gently updated since Autumn

During September 2005, the 650 titles published by Spartan Press (i.e. those delineated by the catalogue number prefix 'SP') finally underwent a detailed (and long over-due) price revision. In October, Simon Hunt of Pan Educational Music (PEM) and Hunt Edition (HE) did the same. There have been more minor changes (including some of Queen's Temple Publications) since then.

Each title was analysed on its own merits, and prices amended accordingly if required. Prices have not been revised to any large degree in the Spartan home catalogue for several years and the findings, not surprisingly, showed that 53% of the Spartan books and 65% of Simon Hunt's titles required some sort of price increase.

New prices have now been confirmed, showing an average rise of 7.8% across the 'SP' catalogue and 18% across PEM and HE - making an average price rise over the distribution group as a whole (2,600 titles) of 3.5%.

Latest news; the Nova and Sunshine catalogue prices were also raised (November 2005).

Our new catalogue update (CAT9) now lists up-dated prices since the publication of the main catalogue, but the web-site information IS up-to-date: if in doubt, please check here - or click the link below (bottom left) to download a spreadsheet containing the very latest in spreadsheet format.