Promises Auction for Maggie's Highland Cancer Centre

What are Maggie's Centres?

Maggie's Centres are for anybody who has or has had cancer. They are also for their famililes, friends and carers. Maggie's Centres are inspirational buildings situated adjacent to hospitals. They help people with cancer and their families face one of life's greatest challenges within uniquely welcoming and supportive environments.

Maggie's Highlands

Maggie's Highlands has been built at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. The building has been designed by Scottish architect David Page and the surrounding landscape by Maggie's husband Charles Jenks.

Kate Langley

Kate is taking part in the Maggie's Peru Hike in September 2005 to help raise funds for Maggie's Highlands. She has to raise £3000 and needs our help.

Promises Auction

As part of her fund raising, Kate is organising a 'Promises Auction' to take place in Kingussie on 2nd July 2005. are promising a web site worth £380.00 + VAT - details as follows.

A small yet beautifully formed internet presence that will be set up specially for you, for any one of a variety of purposes. For example:

  • A personal website to display family snapshots
  • An information resource for your charity or voluntary organisation
  • An e-business-card complete with your logo, address and a description of your what you offer
  • A fixture list for the Laggan Cricket Club(!)

Features included in the promised package include…

  • Free registration of the domain name (web address) of your choice
    (e.g. or the transferring of an existing domain name to HighlandHost
  • Free ‘Rolls Royce’ web hosting with for one year
    (see for long list of features)
  • Unlimited email addresses (e.g.
  • Home page with links (or buttons) to several other pages
    (e.g. ‘contact’ page, ‘about our site’, ‘terms and conditions’) or whatever.
  • Your own choice of colours, layout and style
  • Up to six different photos/graphics and/or logo supplied by you
  • Time for meetings with Tom Pike, our web-master to discuss the details of you own requirements
  • 1 hour of training with Tom on how to up-date your own site plus
  • Open source software to edit your site yourself (if required)
  • Web statistics built in so that you can monitor site ‘hits’ (privately using password security or publicly on your home page!)

There are many other optional ‘extras’ over and above the value of the promise that could be arranged either on winning the bid, or later down the line if/when required, and might include…

  • .com or .biz (instead of
  • More than 4 ‘pages’
  • Unlimited extra graphics
  • Sound samples
  • ‘.pdf’ downloads for samples etc
  • The use of a ‘secure server’ for full e-commerce
  • Shopping basket functionality
  • Dynamically created pages using PHP scripting
  • Database development (for the serious ‘growing’ business)
  • Highlandhost to regularly maintain the site for you
  • Customer feedback forms
  • News section
  • Site search facilities

Kate Langley

Edinburgh building

Maggie's Highlands