Tori on work experience

Tori, from Deal in Kent, came to Strathmashie during July 2014. She writes...

During my week with Spartan Press I learnt about a variety of different areas of the business. My main task for the week was to reshuffle the stock which involved moving the stock into 'forward stock', 'primary stock', 'secondary stock' and archive stock depending on the rate at which each of the products are sold. I was also able to become familiar with the computer programme 'Zeus', which was able to do a mass of calculations. I found this computer especially useful when I was reorganising the stock.

Other areas within the company that I managed to be involved in included packing people's orders ready to post and packing the post bags, 'stitching' the covers of the music books to the music inside, attaching CD's to the back of the music books and editing the appearance of music on the computer before it was printed.

Upon my arrival at Strathmashie House I was immediately welcomed into the family. I loved meeting everyone Pat, Mark, Tess, Jay, George, Rose and Ruth, I also really enjoyed meeting Gale and the two puppies Helga and Wallace. Aside from the work, other activities included a walk by a beautiful waterfall, a trip to the vets with Helga and Wallace, a visit to the pub where we watched the World Cup and watching lots of 'Homes Under The Hammer' with the family.

Thank you all for a wonderful week in which I learnt a lot about how a business works and also had a fabulous time getting to know the whole family.

Tori Webber

Tori at Pattock Falls

Tori and Helga at

Impromptu BBQ