New recruits: Helga the St. Bernard and Wallace the Newfie

Latest news: A Newfoundland puppy (a male Landseer), arrived at Strathmashie from Ireland on 27th June 2014. He was born on St. Patrick's day, 2014, in Wexford, Ireland. Deciding on a name for the puppy, four qualities came to mind...
1) A great character to be proud of: William Wallace
2) Lots of pedigree and true class: The Wallace Collection
3) Clever, even ingenious: Barnes Wallis
4) Lively sense of humour: Wallace and Grommet
"WALLACE" it is then!

In April, a new Saint Bernard puppy began life at Strathmashie. Born in Glastonbury in January and from the same breeder as Merlin, our ‘elder statesman’ Pyrennean, Helga (who’s kennel name is ‘Alkazandis Edelweiss’) weighed in at over 2 stone (16KG) when aged only 12 weeks!

Helga takes her pet name from a list of the most popular girls names in Switzerland, as well as giving an affectionate nod towards one of the four celebrated founders of ‘Hogwarts’, many of who’s characteristics seem to mirror the admirable St. Bernard personality:

“Helga Hufflepuff” came from a broad valley. The Sorting Hat describes her as “good Hufflepuff” or “sweet Hufflepuff” and she favoured loyalty, honesty, and dedication. Hufflepuff was particularly famous for her dexterity at food-related charms. Her wizard card, penned by J. K. Rowling, describes her as having “brought people from different walks of life together to help unite Hogwarts”, and being “loved for her charming ways”. Rowling’s website depicts her as plump with red hair.

Mark with Wallace and


Helga Hufflepuff